open registration Halo iCampers!!!!
  • Do you feel confident with your english?
  • Shy to practice?
  • Don’t have partners?
  • Want to improve your english more?
  • or Dont know english at all?

Want to learn english but face these problems: “I don’t have spare time to get a course. It’s too expensive to get english course on this day. Or bla bla and bla” Well, don’t worry. Throw all your worries away, and get the solution here. iCampus gives you the easiest way to learn and improve your english. You just need these few points to join this class:
  1. WhatsApp
  2. Intention & commitment
  3. Internet quota (hehe)
Click here : for registration. And we will welcome you to iCampus Indonesia WhatsApp English Study (iIWES).